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17.02.2015            Back from warm Naples, Fl, USA, where I was invited to show some of my model sized sculptures and my latest paper works at the charity event "The Nature of Hope", together with painter Jamie Treadwell.  

20.01.2015        Since a number of years I am occupied with the challenge of how to illustrate the dignity of men and his worth. Especially in our present age an important theme.

How can the obvious diversity with at the same time existent equality be illustrated?
I will be looking into possibilities to show the diversity and equality regarding the dignity of men.


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17.02.2015         Back from Naples. The Charity Event "The Nature of Hope" for the mission of "the Servants of the Word", an international, ecumenical brotherhood, was a wonderful success. The introductory program was very special. It began with the hall lights dimmed low, only the walls with the paintings were lit; on stage a singer performed "Somewhere over the rainbow" with a still film showing a sunset at the beach of Naples, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere, like a secure space. A 10 minute film of young Lebanese film maker Ghina Abboud followed. By then the lights were completely down. The film shows scenes from everyday life, people talk about hope and what it means in their country in the Middle East, where war and disturbances are no alien concepts.

A moving film, building bridges between cultures and people, very important in our days and time. 

At the end of the film Jamie Treadwell spoke into the darkness. Calmly he talked about his journey to Lebanon, him exploring the theme "hope" in the context of war, refugees and fear. He highlighted some of his paintings of the Lebanese series talking about hope. People were deeply touched and enriched - as promised: more than an exhibition.

24. January 2015 - Final spurt at the preparations for the event "The Nature of Hope" in Naples. 

9. - 12. Oktober 2014 - On a Visit to painter and coach Jamie Treadwell in London, UK.
Doing my job as art director and curator of the exhibition "The Nature of Hope" in Naples, FL February 2015. We are looking at his latest art and discuss next steps.