Three „curtains“ are hanging from the ceiling. The viewer can move from one „curtains“ to the other and contemplate them at eye level.

Each „curtain“ shows a different perception. The first one shows a fleeting impression. You can see, this is a human being; but you cannot or hardly recognise the individuum.
The second „curtain“ shows more distinct facial features, but you don't see the real men but a mask.
The third „curtain“ shows people with the mask still fixed to their face. I can see the outsight of this human beeing, but I am still not close to the inner person.

In our western world, expecially in big cities we are experiencing more and more isolation and anonymisation. This installation speeks of the basic needs of human being for closeness and community.

2008 masks (stainless steal mesh)
2008 masks (stainless steal mesh)
© Marianne Kantert