Professional consulting and support for artists and art collectors


Jamie Treadwell Artist/Coach (charity event "The Nature of Hope" February 2015, Naples, FL, USA)

Marianne Kantert served again as Art Director, this time for my "Nature of Hope" project in Naples, Florida. She was invaluable to the success of the event. 

I discovered the value of her additional role as ArtCompanion when we arranged Skype conversations and her visit at my studio in London during the development stage of my paintings. Her insightful feedback was formative in my own creative process. At the event she arranged a stunning presentation of my work, solving several challenging problems related to the diversity of my work. She was able to create a visual dialogue between the paintings that enhanced the whole experience. She is also an excellent commentator on art, so I included her in my films describing key paintings.

Most important for me though, she is a team player, able to bring her astute professionalism in service to the people and vision of the project. 

I will continue to request Marianne's involvement in my art projects, even if it means I must fly her across the ocean.



Carin Arnold, sculptor, April 2015

I have planned to apply for an international sculpture symposium in Davos. But how does one do that with a mere idea? I am quite good with my hands, love wood and my chainsaw very much - but to express an idea in words is not easy for me. What should I do?

Suddenly it became clear to me. I contacted Marianne Kantert, a fellow sculptor and holder of "ArtCompanion". We have already worked together previously. She has written a text for my Internet presence and another time she found a solution how to interpret and position an installation of mine, with which I wanted to apply for a group exhibition. Thanks to her I was accepted!

We arranged for an appointment by phone and I told Marianne about my ideas and thoughts.

And these are my experiences with her as my "ArtCompanion". Marianne Kantert is a good listener and takes the time needed; is not prejudiced but has an open mind for her counterpart. You sense that you can let it all out. She gives you a feeling of freedom and from the beginning the framework for a promising idea developed.

What is really great about her, is that she did not restrict me. The result was, that in conjunction with her, with great joy I could work my way forward and develop myself further; very gently and without pressure.

She had the talent to express an idea in words in such a way that a story emerges, which gets under your skin. That has helped me further. Thanks to her an idea developed into a professional application.

Together we had two month of intensive cooperation, which became very precious and beneficial for me.

And that is exactly what distinguishes her from a lot of other agencies. For me "ArtCompanion" stands for "happiness with my work", which emerges while working with her.



Jamie Treadwell Artist/Coach (charity event "Eternity" 2014, Naples, FL, USA)

I realised at the last minute that I needed Marianne Kantert as my Art Director to help me make this one man exhibition a success. The final stages of my preparations were all coming together, but this raised a problem as well as potential. The problem was the widespread demands on my time and attention. I also knew that the presentation of the paintings was key for success. I thought of Marianne immediately. She's the best I've seen at hanging a show and handling all the details around that.

I gave Marianne my initial thoughts along with the substantial challenges we faced. Her sensitive yet direct approach quickly enabled us to find a powerfully effective and stunning solution for hanging my work. I realised it was far better than I could have dreamed up on my own. I also had peace of mind that everything related to the presentation of the artwork was now covered. 

Marianne is professional, skilled and tremendously talented in visual awareness, and a joy to work with. The positive comments at the exhibition attest to her ability, and the excellent result in sales was an indicator of her added value.


KG Augenstern, Künstlerpaar aus Berlin (Kunst oder Kitsch, in Bad Schussenried)

Hallo Frau Kantert, thank you for the successful introduction into the exhibition "Kitsch". Your observations to the individual exhibits reveal expertise and inspire involvement with the displayed work.

We are pleased that from your point of view we give back dignity to the sentimentalized impressionists with our "Faun am Seerosenteich" .  Greetings from Berlin.